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We all want what is best for our parents. With adequate financial resources, smart estate planning and good health, many are enjoying longer lives than ever before. However, often we are not blessed with all of these advantages and difficult decisions must be made for our elder parents.

The numerous decisions that need to be made for aging parents are not easy in the best of circumstances. Add family disputes, an inability to be near, dementia and numerous other complications and every decision can become a hard-fought battle with a loved elder.

Such decisions can include:

  • Should mom or dad still be driving? If they can't drive, who will provide transportation?
  • Can mom or dad still manage the following:
    • Income and Bills
    • Groceries and Household Supplies
    • Medication and Health Decisions
  • Can mom or dad continue to live alone?
  • Is it time to explore assisted living or nursing homes?
  • Can mom or dad afford assisted living? What do we do if they can't?
  • What do we do with mom and dad's house?
  • Will mom or dad be eligible for Medicaid? What can we do to check?
  • Do mom and dad have their funeral and burial affairs in order?
  • What's going to happen to mom or dad if something happens to the other?
  • Is mom or dad showing signs of dementia? If so, what do we do?

These are just a few of the decisions family's need to make for their aging loved ones. Many are not easy and most can have profound consequences on your loved one's person and property.

If you are struggling with similar elder decisions or medicaid, feel free to call Law Office of Matt Potempa, PLLC at (615) 255-5007 for a free consultation today.

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