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Family Planning & DivorceFamily Law & Divorce Attorney

If you are faced with the possibility of divorce, or seeking to know your rights in a family law matter, call the Law Office of Matt Potempa, PLLC today for a consultation.

Divorce is a very trying experience for a family, especially if children are involved. At the Law Office of Matt Potempa, PLLC, we take a focused and personalized approach to your case. We will develop a strategy whether you a re defending a divorce complaint or contemplating filing. Three main categories of issues to determine are: 1) Division of Property 2) Maintenance (Spousal Support) and 3) issues concerning children (custody, residency, parenting time and support. Each one of these issues have many concerns and you can rest assured your case will be given its due attention.

The goal at this office is not to use the divorce proceeding as a means of beating the other party other up. Rather, the goal is achieving a favorable solution with as little expense, stress and delay as possible.

If mediation is an option, it is best to do it early before litigation positions become entrenched. However, it is necessary to spend adequate time evaluating a couple's finances and debts as well as their goal in dividing such.

If you are facing a divorce, Contact me today. As a divorce lawyer in Nashville, I can help you with your family law matters.

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